Full Time

Yesterday, I received the email that I waited six long years to receive. It reads, "Dear Christopher Cleland, CONGRATULATIONS! Your Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree has been posted to your Northern Arizona University academic record..." At first, I was pretty excited. And I mean that in a way where I was, at best, only... Continue Reading →

Lose It All

I'm so accustomed to screaming convictions but now, I've lost my voice I'm looking for someone or some other problem to remind me I have a choice   Now, from this box I'm in I begin to begin to begin   I'm begging you if you've got a clue reveal the secret truth If I'm... Continue Reading →

End Up Alive

I need a cliff I need a precipice Somewhere high Between the stars and the sea So when I'm looking down My problems are far away Small and easily forgotten In the sea of colors, they fade Do I jump Would I fly It's worth the risk At the bottom, I'd end up alive  

Canvas on Paper

Spending all my days Trying to get out of my head It's awful cluttered up here And I'd rather burn it all To start over again in the empty hall   No one ever asks So why should I tell Nothing that remains Was here when I was discovered Now these breaths and screams are... Continue Reading →

Ghost of Elysium Past

I've got a half-broken heart She didn't say no But she didn't let it play where it lay I so desperately want that night back again   Arrhythmia and flat-line Laughing for hours In a dark room beneath these stars of ours In a town time almost forgave and forgot   Ghost of Elysium past The... Continue Reading →

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