Cimmerian Lovers

The waves of a lake... ah, how they ebb and flow and flow and ebb. I'd give them my being if they would only more readily dissuade me. And all the more in the eve, when dusk thrusts spires of angel rays into the heavens, then withdraws them into the depths, as if all hope is... Continue Reading →

Adam and Eden

My dear, little friend Your countenance is filled with courage Your spine, straight, as the wind surges You fear not an end My dear, little friend You stand up though not the greatest You are stout against the tempest But you don't condescend What gives you such pride As I hold you in my rough hands Your pristine,... Continue Reading →

Ruminations of a Working Man, Pt. II

I walk through these bleak, gray-infested corridors, with naught but the monotonous tapping of fingers slowly deteriorating keyboards, degrading one keystroke at a time. Whitewashed walls and ceilings, the typical carpet not good enough for hotel floors, but not yet tattered enough to be thrown into a trash can; it all just screams for release.... Continue Reading →

The Box

A man hands you a box And says, "Inside is exactly what you want." So... What's inside the box?   I'm tempted by the imagination of a gryphon A young cub named Alastair I'd raise him as my dear son All of him, feathers and lion's hair   I want to say I'd hold a... Continue Reading →

Ruminations of a Working Man

My heart is pounding. In some distant, echoing canyon, it reverberates against the walls like timpani drums at the crescendo of a symphony, announcing the grand entrance of the hero in a film. My head... my very being, is jarred. The poor quivering hair atop my head and along my arms, all standing at attention unceasingly, only... Continue Reading →

Memorial of a Loved One

The beauty of Life is... It's so fragile, yet we are infinite. An entire nebula of thoughts and ideas and emotion. Yet one minute, the shoreline of the world is at the tips of our fingers and toes and the other, we become part of the indescribable ether, the incalculable infinity, the incomprehensible Whole. We... Continue Reading →

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The Holly Tree Tales

Stories and philosophy, borne out of my experience of life on three continents.

Tarah B. Thornburg

Author and Writing Coach

Ponderings of a Probation Officer

The tales of juvenile probation are sometimes splendid and sometimes melancholy. This is where I have decided to dump/cope with my reflections.

T. Shaw

She writes what she speaks.

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