It’s Pouring

It's pouring outside and I've still so much to learn I've got nothing left to hide just a carousel I need to burn   The raindrops address the page where my tears were meant to lay but now I'm center-stage and everybody's listening   It's storming outside and there's so much I just don't know... Continue Reading →

Promise Me You’ll Go

The clouds roll in when the wind blows but science doesn't start just cuz somebody knows forgive yourself, let the daffodil grow Just promise me you'll go   They will feel a chill when they see it snow when you fall, they'll feel it in their bones to help you heal, they may give you... Continue Reading →


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a song keeps the soul singing. A song a day keeps you sane and stable, because no matter how stable or unstable you are, there is a song out there that can speak on it.The song speaks intelligently, like it was there with you through every... Continue Reading →

Whimsy and a Pocketwatch

I really don't care that pocketwatch is supposed to be two words... Some days, the world is your master. It takes you where it wants you to go and you're absolutely a captive of circumstances. Some days, those circumstances can be avoided one at a time, but most will get through that filter. Other days,... Continue Reading →

Hello (First Post)

So, I've never done this before. I've never imagined myself as a "blogger" or other member of the literary community. Before I started college, I think I'd only read like 10 books from front to back. Now, I really want to start writing books and stories of my own, and I think a good way... Continue Reading →

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