An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a song keeps the soul singing. A song a day keeps you sane and stable, because no matter how stable or unstable you are, there is a song out there that can speak on it.The song speaks intelligently, like it was there with you through every moment that made you who you are. And just as you start to tear up and turn it off, the hook catches you by the ear, and you are helplessly stuck. The tear turns into a river and your cheeks go flush with emotion, your heart palpitates like a soldier drum roll, your mind plays like a film strip in a reel-to-reel. You remember a tragedy, a victory, a little bit of everything.

You know what?

That’s what makes you beautiful.

Your life is beautiful.

You HAVE been a tragedy, you HAVE been a drama, you HAVE been a mystery, you HAVE been a romance, you HAVE been a comedy. YOU have been. YOU are.

Do me a favor and be, help me feel like I’ve contributed to your life by helping give you the boost to live vociferously, live precariously, live daringly, live lovingly. Live lovely.

This post inspired by the song and music video “Lost Little Boys” by Fatherson

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