To The One I Love

I hardly think I need to post more than this picture as a response to the daily word prompt "enamored," but I will add some small commentary because a picture, for me, is not enough.   She shifted in the twilight                                                                              He shifts, and he sighs She shifted... left, then right                                                           He shifts... tears filling his eyes And just when she... Continue Reading →

Learning to Breathe

My heart beats deeply, beckoning the arrhythmia of my breath to a place of balance, a place where ebb and flow coexist in harmony, and patience intermingles with proactivity. Hyperventilation ceasing, thoughts aligning... my heart had it right all along.

What Makes You Beautiful

Tara has a dream, you see, to make people feel exactly what she's feeling for just one moment... Who is Tara, you ask? Well, let me explain. She has this dream that she could touch someone, someone who she wants to be completely in tune with, and they would completely comprehend her down to the... Continue Reading →


As the stars align and the moonlight shines in the back of my mind making space for time and time is all I need for me to finally breathe there's not enough air, it seems there's not enough salt in the sea yet the salt will soon overthrow all the water and sand, like snow... Continue Reading →


Fear not, my heart. Every fall is miniscule and every life diminutive when they stand against Everest and the vastness of all Time. And death is but a sweet reminder that pain will not last forever, as well as an impetus for us to fully permeate every moment of our existence. "Though I walk through the valley... Continue Reading →

Difficult Questions

Of all the things to not trust, why is it we can't trust our hearts? Some people say, "Follow your heart," but half the time my heart wants to jump off a cliff just to experience the adrenaline and wind rushing past my face. My heart wants to swim across the ocean and find an... Continue Reading →


It's amazing how a simple routine can turn quickly into a compulsion... I don't feel like writing poetry or a story today, but I feel like writing. Trust me, it's been a long journey for me to reach the point of writing daily. Now, if I don't write, my whole day just seems a bit off. I... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

Staying steady for so long... So steady... So long... Monotonous, something will go wrong... So wrong... So wrong... Complacent, finding reasons to hold on... So time's up... So what's wrong... Sheer luck, she could have moved on... So hold on... So stay strong... Unnerved, not the best she could have done... So pretend... So show... Continue Reading →

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