The Only Outside

When all the lights go out And I sit back, and sigh I expel my vices yet hold on too tight   I breathe them all back in All tight and crystal-blue Translucent, provocative as a church pew   Whispering in my ears Every "s" like a ssssnake Sensing something smoldering and saturates   Ears... Continue Reading →

Place of The Escape

She looked across the world and saw naught... The Darkness that was once warred against now overtaking the hearts of the Innocent. We each believe by fighting the Darkness we may defeat it, but that's rarely the case. While we were not intended to give up, but we were not intended to wage war in... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

I look back to one year ago... It's remarkable how we can relive moments in time. You see, I'm not just thinking about one year ago. I'm there, holding hands with myself. I'm weeping by my side. I'm smiling and laughing and singing songs and reminiscing... and I always return to weeping. I'm rubbing my... Continue Reading →

Place of Between

I once walked a road and considered all the potential that lay before me, and all of the events behind that molded me into who I am. Somewhere along the road, between the horizon of Greater Light and the horizon of Lesser Light... There, I found myself. I am.

There, I’d Find Love

The mind has a way of ensnaring its victims, and the worst part is we can't run away. Sometimes, I want my heart to take over because that's all I knew as a child, and I'm not ready to grow up. The more schooling I did, the older I got, the "wiser" I became, the... Continue Reading →

Place of War Against the Darkness

One friend sees a Pegasus mustang rearing, prepared for a battle against the Darkness. War is its function. Another sees a dragon with twisted neck, staring into the Prelude to Darkness, wings already overtaken because it did not take action when Darkness approached its perch. Complacency earns its wages. A third forsakes the plume for one smaller,... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Pain

I used to think That pain was crippling That death was debilitating That to lose a friend was hopelessmess woops... hopelessness   I've come to find If I start numbing The picture starts pixilating And I think lonely is fornever woops... forever   But now I see I just need something a field of daisies, breathtaking... Continue Reading →

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