A Question For My Readers

Dear readers in this small corner of the world,

Today, I sealed my fate. I purchased a plane ticket to Ireland where I will meander for about one week in the month of April. I am nervous because I’ve never traveled solo, especially not internationally. This may be child’s play for you (I follow a lot of travel bloggers), but as someone who has grown up in a middle-class family, originating in Detroit, MI, travel has not been very highly valued (by my family, I find it invaluable) nor has even been possible. As some of you may have seen and read, my posts have been lackluster (in my opinion), infrequent, and mostly on the morose side. In short, I have lost a great deal of my muchness and I am aiming to find at least some of it. I realized that since quite a few of the people that follow me and comment or like my posts are from the UK, there may be a chance to meet some of you and grab a coffee, possibly even to collaborate for a brief moment on some sort of writing.

So are any of you interested/close enough to make this possible?

Second question: What should I do while in Ireland? I intend to visit Newgrange and explore Galway for a day, but I don’t know a ton else. Oh, and I intend to take trains every chance I get.

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  1. This is awesome! I’m from the U.K. so would be happy to give you some ideas on places to visit. I live in Staffordshire, England but I know a few friends who live in Ireland. Give me an idea of the types of places you’d like to visit. If you like history though, you’re on to a winner.
    Well done for taking the plunge!!
    Hayley 😊

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m primarily looking for towns that still look old, if there exists vintage-style buildings and towns. I think history is going to follow me no matter where I decide to visit. In search of beautiful views and maybe some (relatively) untouched nature. And/or some things that are absolute must-sees. I’d prefer the least touristy things to do, something the locals enjoy, and most definitely looking to visit the best pubs.

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  2. How exciting for you!
    Although I’m not close enough to meet you, I shall follow and read about your adventures and I hope you find your mojo amongst Ireland’s beautiful landscapes x

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  3. Heyyy!! 😃 That’s really awesome! Have a geeat and safe journey friend 😊❤
    I wish I coul meet.. surely I’ll someday.. i am from India. For mee too travelling is a very big deal.. never did alone. Don’t worry. Have faiths in yourself all will be fine! ✨😃 🎉

    You can visit to famous tourist places around there. I’ve got no idea about that. But make sure to take some amazing shots! Please if possible post them in your blog too and share your experience! I’d love to read that 😊✨❤
    Take care! Have a great day! ⛅

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