Such a Foolish Logic

Give it over and give it all

Such fallacious words as this: constant

I’ve never met a soul

Who agreed that life is constant after a car crash

A fight with cancer

An emotional breakdown

A slightly too salty bowl of soup

These words are reserved for mathematics

And other such logical nonsense

How poor, how soft a science

For you could model the world a million ways

With a million numbers and probabilities

And life will always choose

The one possibility you hadn’t considered

So what is there but to plan

In expectation for dreams to be dashed

Consequences to utterly crush

Here’s the secret: only if you allow them to

They are prideful dashes and arrogant consequences

For neither had they considered you

The infinite, all-encompassing you


So now, as your world crashes down

All your handholds and footholds and harnesses

Crashing to the imaginary low

Pull out your polka-dot umbrella

And float, my love,

Smile as the foolish comforts

Vie for your attention

They needed you

Far more than you ever needed any one of them.



5 thoughts on “Such a Foolish Logic

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  1. Woow! What a title firstly. Like foolish but logical! 😄
    “Pull out your polka-dot umbrella
    And float, my love,
    Smile as the foolish comforts”!!
    My favorite lines! So nice creation friend! 😄✨ Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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