To The One I Love

Desert Dusk

I hardly think I need to post more than this picture as a response to the daily word prompt “enamored,” but I will add some small commentary because a picture, for me, is not enough.


She shifted in the twilight                                                                              He shifts, and he sighs

She shifted… left, then right                                                           He shifts… tears filling his eyes

And just when she closed her eyes tight                    Captivated by her stillness, and her poise

                                   He whispered in her ear, “You look beautiful tonight”

And softly, she grew faint

And barely, only just, she could breathe

And he has seen the midnight spangled skies

But she was more beautiful, still, and in reprise

He whispered still, a million more times

“My darling, you’re beautiful tonight”

And with a gentle breeze

It all seemed to cease

Brow creased

Alone, at peace




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