Here, Now

If you ever sit there wondering what your purpose or place is in this universe, I'd say you've already forgotten the fact that you're sitting. Do you think shooting stars streak across the sky wondering if someone made a wish on them? Do you think a bird starts singing hoping they'll bring a smile to... Continue Reading →

Blurry Cartoons

I often find myself asking, "Who am I supposed to be?" and no matter who I ask or how often I ask it, occasionally screaming it into the wind, I've never come any closer to an answer than simply, "Myself." It's not comforting, and it most certainly is not easy. That's because it's not an... Continue Reading →

Windstrewn Self

These effervescent throes That toss me to and fro Sea-waves to the unknown From origins condoned I, with my fate, betrothed Content, and yet I stow Rebellion, and loe For windstrewn self, in tow  

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Stories and philosophy, borne out of my own experiences of life on three continents.

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