Sometimes I feel a bit precautious

not a bit precocious

a bit expialidocious

a little Sherlock Holmes-ish

but I can’t let anyone know this

because I look around

and suddenly notice


my life is ordinary.


And I have dreams to fly

things to do before I die

things I don’t want to fade

into the by and by

and I just hope someday I’ll find

a Love that makes me Love

makes me feel like I can let down my pride


But what happens when a daddy’s boy

feels more like he’s gotta be coy

because daddy may be employed

but he comes home and tells stories he don’t enjoy

and he falls into the trap

he warned me about, with poise

and doesn’t see

he’s setting the scene

for his young man to only know

how to self destroy


so here i sit.

anywhere but there.




Jimmy Fallon on the tube

for night six-one-two

and there’s gotta be something to do

but when you’re told you’ve got nothing to prove

why move?

why not just soothe

yourself into a grave

into a sober mood

i don’t mean to be rude

but it’s bliss to get where you’re going, soon

and by a full moon

I see Peter Pan and the month of June

and Christmas can’t come too soon

please come soon


I think I broke the looking glass

settled in to typical middle class

half a mass

it’s all just crew and cast

except the one thing that makes it Last

it may all be tradition

it may be all crass

but my, we bought our past

from our father’s father, and pass

on our problems with the A-bomb blast

we admire how bright

is the brilliance of an atom smash

we invented its grasp

hang it on our necks with a clasp

next to our crucifix, on the mast


Our ship’s out to sea

and we

the unpredictable, unclean

but maybe

just maybe

we’ll never see

nothing but

the ordinary.


Does it all have to be






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