Little Miss Hobbs, Pt. I

Little Miss Hobbs was a young lady, short of stature, yet mind and heart inexpressibly vast and beyond compare. I daresay this character type is not rare in legends and myths where exaggeration and aggrandizement are strewn about in rife, and often haphazardly. But who said this was legend, myth, fantasy, or any other sort of fictitious, nonsensical blithering? We haven’t the time to waste on such things!

No, let me tell you of the Real Little Miss Hobbs. I’m not certain if she finds any sort of fancy in the title I’ve assigned to her. She’s never told me she dislikes it, nor has she told me it is seen as flattery. Flattery is the intent… Then again, flattery is unreliable, and words often come cheaply, especially to smooth-talkers such as myself.

She is witty enough for the lot of us – the lot of us, of course, being anyone who has ever assumed any level or quantity of wit within themselves. She also has the logic of a theoretical physicist with the empathy to censor the all-too-common uncaring, insensitive remarks that come with those of us who are uncouth as a result of our intellect. Her kindness is beyond human comprehension, that’s is to say it is beyond mine as well, yet her heart is guarded like an iron-gate castle in the midst of a siege. She has every right to own that guard, and too few know or understand why. I daresay I know not why myself, but the little I know already provides me the prerogative to declare her rights and my lack of understanding.

The dreams her mind conjures in the deepest, darkest nights… They haunt the strongest, war-worn soldiers. Not merely because they are filled with images that cannot be unseen, but because of the place they emerge from. Her heart, the one aforementioned in such high esteem, has room enough to hold every admirable and covetable quality bestowed upon the human race, and yet somehow manages a darkness that innocence does not deserve to suffer. This is why she remains, in my recollection at least, stout and wise. Innocence is not often co-owner of the heart with Darkness. Innocence is lost because of Darkness. Wisdom is birthed as a result, and Wisdom may be of Love or Hate. Her Wisdom is of Love, and somehow she has barred Hate, or perhaps extinguished it. Angels don’t have the power to bar Hate. She is human, believe you, me.

But Little Miss Hobbs has a secret, a key, a hope that few ever bear…

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