Little Miss Hobbs, Pt. III

Now… On the matter of the matter with Little Miss Hobbs, I will tell little. That is not to say there is nothing the matter with her, for there are a great many things that have gone awry with her, especially if you ask her yourself. I do not with for you to think I hold her on some sort of pedestal, but you must know I do hold her in higher esteem than most.

I have often told her how well she plays the role of fairy tale princess, and I believe I mentioned this once before in part one. She sings, she dances, she cooks and she cleans, she thinks logically (though sometimes, I believe her logic may be rather too sound), but she has a heart deeper and wider than most young ladies her age.

No doubt, she would also have some sort of rebuttal for every bit of compliment I offer here, however. Therefore, I will say of the matter with the matter of Little Miss Hobbs is somewhat the matter with the matter with us all.

Everyone says something about you, and especially when speaking of good, just, righteous things of the world, someone ought to be right. That is to intend that everyone has at least a spot or two of goodness, justness, and righteousness. Well, think on it for a moment! When was the last time someone described you as beautiful or handsome, wise, intelligent, courteous, clean, strategic, observant, or the like… and how did you respond? I offer the likely scenario in which you shrugged, rolled your eyes, begged the complimenter cease and desist, or the like.

There truly are a great many reasons we might each find in ourselves for why we do not live up to such generous, kindly words, but more often than not, we are at least a smidgen or a pinch of what others say of us, especially admirers. We could not be admired unless we were first admirable. And why should the admiration be considered, even for a moment, any bit of untruth?

Because the matter of the matter with Little Miss Hobbs is the matter of the matter with us all: We are but human.

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