Day 7,932 – U.I.L.Y’s

The symptoms of Insomnia

We collect “I love you’s” as though they were a currency, and to be honest, I can’t think of anything more valuable than hearing the words “I love you”. Some people understand the value of them, and some people don’t. Some rarely spend any, giving them only to the people who are most dear. Some give them out flippantly almost degrading what the worth of “I love you” is. The truth is, no matter where in the spectrum you lie, we always wish we could have said “I love you” at least one more time.

I wonder how many “I love you’s” were said last night while gunfire rained down on thousands of people.i wonder how many people wished they had said “I love you” to that one person. Just one more time. Lord knows, there are too many people I would like to say that too. So many left…

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