Nothin’ Doin’


My mind doesn’t play well without other minds that play well. Creativity and deep thinking inspire creativity and deep thinking. I try to inspire myself by responding to one-word daily prompts first thing in the morning and surprising myself with the fact that I can and do, in fact, think. I wish they were always fantastical, romantic, whimsical thoughts, but the fact is they’re not a good portion of the time.

It can be discouraging to say the least when I look at those prompts and nothing of substance comes to mind first thing in the morning. I proceed to brood in my gray cubicle, get some work done so I can at least feel good about that, and leave work having not said a word all day and thought very little about anything of substance.

This morning, I’m starting in that broody way I do on occasions more frequent than I’d care to admit. All I can think of is my cortado from yesterday and all I can do is listen to piano jazz. With this sludge they call coffee here at my workplace, I sip and imagine I’m back in that coffee shop, grimacing a bit deeper with each draught.

Can anyone tell me why coffee shops are so perfect, what makes them so evocative of romance and whimsy? When did we decide they were the greatest places for the greatest thinkers?

P.S. This started as a response to the prompt “Dancing” but “thoughts dancing in my head” just isn’t enough for me to justify it as my response. Looks like it’s gonna be another broody day outside.

P.P.S. I’m actually in a decent mood. But I was in a great mood the last two days, as can be evidenced by my reasonably creative posts/poems. If you want something more enjoyable, listen to the playlist below and read those ones haha.

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  1. Coffee is said to be writer’s best friend. Its like they go in their own world and create something great! I don’t know actually cause I’ve never tired coffee + writing. Yeah but this is what is said. 😊

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