Sunrise (Feat. Traffic)

I don’t want to make this too obvious or unimaginative, but I do want to remind anyone willing to take time to read this how beautiful life and the mundane are.

In music, when one instrument wants to perform a solo, the rest of the band has to fall a bit into the background and create the “rhythm” so the soloist can play “lead.” I know I’ve got the problem of trying to play lead all the time, both in music and life, primarily because I like the limelight and performing, and I like it when people look at me in admiration. Please don’t think I’m narcissistic, I’m just being honest. If you’re being honest, you have done this once or twice or a million times, too.

The truth is that no matter how hard we try, occasionally we are just the rhythm section, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it makes you any less important. In fact, it’s important for there to be a solid rhythm section so the soloist has a solid foundation on which to perform a solo. Without the rhythm, there is no place for an enchanting melody. Think about how much less appealing it’d be to hear Justin Timberlake sing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” without the phat beats behind him. I mean he’s amazing, so that’s a bad example, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Today, I looked around and found the riffs that are backing me up, and I feel like I just don’t deserve the foundation I have to lead this music. I also feel like with how beautiful some of it is, I’m not meant to lead, but simply to be the rhythm that helps bring it to attention. So without further ado, here’s the song being played today, brought to you by your rhythm section, December Rose. Enjoy.


Riff #1: A Cup of Coffee. Because you can’t even start the music without coffee.


Riff #2: A Journal.


Riff #3: The City of Phoenix From the Top of a Parking Garage


Riff #4: Sky Harbor Airport From the Top of a Parking Garage (Feat. Mountains)


And now, for the soloist:



The Solo: Sunrise (Feat. Traffic)


Now how could I ever have the ego or audacity to think I could play a better solo than that?



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