When I Was But a Child

I have scars from when I was but a child

The days when I was allowed to be reckless and wild

And amidst tragedies I didn’t yet understand, I smiled

And I never knew the novel I’d become was being compiled


I have scars from when I was a young man

With confidence and ignorance to say, “Yes, I can”

I saw many things from which I should have ran

Facing lions and demons, armed with a frying pan


I am earning my scars now, as an adult

I am learning that not all flaws are my fault

I am learning how easy it is to vault

The heart of my childhood, jaded with salt


And some day, when I am old and gray

I’ll soften a bit, and in patience, decay

This patina of wisdom should not harden with age

But should cause me to look at my hands and say,


“I have scars from when I was but a child”

8 thoughts on “When I Was But a Child

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  1. Its a lovely poem. Beautifully written..
    But its too dark. Are you fine? Just embrace the glorious mess we are, beautifully Imperfect. 😊 Take care. ⛅

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    1. Haha you’re so uplifting 🙂 I was okay when I wrote this… I think my message wasn’t conveyed very well. I see how it is dark, but I intended it to mean that, as we age, we should not let ourselves become so jaded and cross, but rather see how our past made us who we are… The word yesterday was “patina” so my focus was on softening the patina of age (tough skin), but I did not explain that well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You did explain everything Beautifully. I got what you wanted to say friend. Just wanted to know if you are fine.. that’s it. Nothing else. Your posts are awesome and meaningful as always 😊😊


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