Wake the Brigand

And when all is finally said and done

Look back at the path you walked along

Remember the places you dragged your feet

From exhaustion or allowing yourself grace to be lazy

On either side, you built the canyon walls

Here and there, some sections were forced to fall

From your echoed screaming tongue

The battle cries and chants you’ve sung

But the strong still stand with you

They sing your song evermore, strike it up anew

So now live for the rift and live for the mountain

Live for the Tree and live for the Fountain

And know your shoes will fill with stones and sand

Take heart and know you lived a life worthy to wake the brigand


11 thoughts on “Wake the Brigand

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  1. Wow this is soo nice inspiring ballad! I write the same kind of… going from sad to empowering side.. but its been so long now. I really loved this soo much! “For the trees and the fountain…” 😀

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