Scatterbrain – A New Section of My Blog

If you’ve ever taken the time to read anything I’ve written, you’ll see that pretty much my entire site is what I’d call “scatterbrained.” There’s no general theme, this place is simply my mind dump to help me think creatively and allow other to judge some of my innermost thoughts…

But I’ve decided to add a specific section, or category, called “Scatterbrain.”

This is where I’m going to reveal some of my mind’s most uninhibited and uncontrolled thoughts. I got the idea a couple weeks ago when I was speaking with a producer who gave me an idea – start writing.

Novel idea, right?

As a songwriter, I am often concerned with rhyming schemes and patterns, meter, and finding ways to make it all connect with a melody, which is why you’ll see the “Poetry” section of my blog has the most content. This, however, is just another way I’ve thrown my thoughts into a box instead of allowing myself to truly think creatively. So the producer told me to stab my pen into the paper, even start with scribbles if I have no words in the moment, but the second words start coming to me, just write them down, even if they are incoherent drivel. The point is to allow unadulterated stream-of-consciousness flow out in the purest and most honest form, and then read it back to discover its meaning, what my mind is telling me, if it is even speaking at all. I intend to use this method for the every aspect of these posts, so even the titled may be strange or somehow disconnected, because after reading the post back, I will simply let my mind give me the title without trying to craft one in my overthinking.

So that’s exactly what this section is, and while it is sure to be occasionally dry or indiscernible, bizarre, and sometimes quite humorous, all I ask is that you’d comment in an attempt to help me discern my thoughts, because I have only one viewpoint of them, and I’m not likely to stray much outside of that perspective.

Please help me start by checking out my first post in this section – Utterances of a Weary Soul

What am I thinking?!?

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