How Would You Know

The winding roads of a mind

Only truly become familiar when trod back and forth


And so it is that you come to see shadows cast on the side of a cliff

How they caress and conform to every jagged surface

Occasionally etching their own paths

And so it is you come to see a field of wildflowers

How the slightest breezes cause them to sway and dance

Their fluorescent colors and prismatic existence

And so it is you come to feel the swift creek

Babbling and gurgling and icy cold

Numbing fingertips

Winding along the roadside

Of course, roads made along streams

Are carved by admirers and the placid heart


And occasionally the cliff’s shadows grow ever long

And occasionally the wildflowers dry in summer heat or brown in autumn decadence

And occasionally the river chills you to the bone


But how would you ever know

Unless you first trod the path

Back and forth




I hope this provides some clarity on my mind with regards to yesterday’s post. Thank you to those of you who expressed concern for me. The mind is a lovely, treacherous place, but the heart can be a bright lantern for those who light it with the flames of love and friendship.

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