Yours Or Mine

Clawing to release myself from the norm

Yet mayhaps the norm is the skin that holds life together

At least once in awhile.


I will not be comfortable in this skin

I will not succumb to the average lull

Yet I will not be torn apart by prideful fingertips

Yours or mine.


I once believed wanderlust to be diamonds

And dreams to be the ink staining my hands

But you cannot drink a diamond and then pour it on a page

And you cannot run dry ink through your fingertips


A golden chalice for each hand

Pour out the glistening wanderlust to your left

Pour out your dreams to your right

Invite others to witness as they pool at your feet

Cup your hands and share

Flicking your generous fingertips at your newfound friends

When they pass by, unassuming, then repeat

Yours and mine.

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