This Incorrigible Springtime, Pt. I

Sit inside yourself

Peruse in sheer bewilderment

At all the ways beauty has snuck in

Scratch and claw beneath you

Soften, and make way for the new

But be there.

Utterly there.

Pay mind to all you are

All that composes you

And do not mind the dissonance

It is part of you

Do not mind the mismatched meter

Nor the clumsily conjugated and congested colloquialisms

Nor the unbalanced timbre

Nor the imbalanced anything

Do not let spring reverberations

Muddle your mind

Scratch and claw beneath you

In eager awaitment of spring

In scrupulous scraps

In unblinking blunderment

In some ways, you will not see the seeds

Until they expose themselves

Naked and, I guarantee you,


See the beloved greens

The ravishing seedlings

They sprout in enticing hues

In hopes you will be caught unawares

Naked and, foolishly,


Their roots plunge ever deeper

With each passing glance

Helping you swoon and sway

In chilled summer breezes

That numb your fingers

While they warm theirs, all the same

Deep inside you

Quickly, grab firm before dawn

Before the sun encourages and emboldens

Their intoxicating design

And pull

Lest they steal the warmth from you

Leaving you but a husk

Of frozen inadequacies

And shameful, downcast eyes

In rain-puddle reflections

In forecasted dissonance

In forethoughts of a depleted self

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

This garden of hardy weeds

This muted symphony

This incorrigible springtime


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