Spaces Between Your Fingers

Allow the spaces between your fingers to remain empty for awhile

I promise it will be alright

Let them stretch and grasp at the cool morning breeze

And smile when they come back numb

Unable to even warm themselves


Forget the horizon

Tunnel-vision inwards without becoming drunk

Turn a deaf ear to… well, everything

Give your heart permission to talk to itself

And don’t you dare drop eaves

It mulls out its own problems

It doesn’t need your help, after all


Once you’ve come to terms with the voids

That you’ve allowed to form

Between your fingertips

Curl them inwards and hold on tight

The wind that you once reached for

Will let you take hold

Evermore in love with the world it knows intimately

It will introduce you

And you will be glad for the brief time you spent

With spaces between your fingers

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