This Incorrigible Springtime, Pt. II

Continued from This Incorrigible Springtime, Pt.I

…and yet

There is something to behold

Something you least anticipated

Something… forgetive

Not forgetitive, as I once thought

Which would be altogether silly

Not altogether untrue

But there is something inside

Makes you stammer

Halts your thoughts

Breathes in

Breathes out

And it scares you

It is dangerous

In a most wholesome,

A most unholy, way

So as the chill sets in

As the roots take hold

You forget

It is the incorrigible springtime

The inevitable

The scents of familiarity

Wafting like the billow-clouds

Roses and lilacs

Morning dew

A damp earth

And, all of a sudden

The weeds quiver

As if, “Fee Fi Fo Fum…

…the blood of an English-ivy”

It is all just so silly

But this is the Thaw

The frost chipping away

Rolling down your cheeks

As you smile from your eyes


Strike up the band

With fire in your eyes

Charring the weeds

Painting the world as you wish

With loving strokes

Forgetive flames

Accenting your bright red hues

Grow to be

Precisely Wild


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