Dear Love of My Life

Dear Love of my life,

I miss you

and by that,

I mean I hope I don’t

because some days,

you’re all I live for


I’ve got this thing that everyone gets

a little bit lonely, a little bit heartsick

a little bit knowing the wait is worth it

because someday I know I’ll hold your hand

as you hold my heart and tell me I’m your man


Getting lost in your eyes will just be my way

of reminding you I’m here to stay

and Love will be the little game we play

where all that doesn’t matter will fade

suddenly the world doesn’t exist and all that remains

is all that we’ve made

until then, I’ll wait


I could have sworn I met you that day on the train

but what did I know, I never caught her name

and you weren’t in that car in the turning lane

or at the coffee shop when my shirt got stained

I once daydreamed I gave you my coat in the rain


I’m sorry I stop looking some days

Maybe when we’re tired of searching

we’ll rest in the same place

I’ll be waiting for you

if you wait for me too

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