Wonderful Imperfection

The most beautiful parts of people

are their imperfections

It is easy to be perfect

when nothing stands in your way

It is easy to be Loved

when you are devoid of the undesirable

It is easy to tell your story

when nothing about you makes you flinch

when nothing about you makes you stutter

when you have nothing to be ashamed of


Marriage is more miraculous

to a formerly promiscuous lady

Peace is more rewarding

to a soldier who once lived a tumultuous life

Writing is more of a triumph

to someone who once thought their story wasn’t worth re-telling

Sweetness is sweeter

when one has tasted the bitters


Truly, my friends aren’t wonderful

because they’re only wonderful –

they are wonderful because they had flaws

and Loved me enough to risk telling me.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Imperfection

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  1. This is so beautiful 😊☺ like just simply beautiful. I cams here after soo long. ❤ Your poesy made me smile.. and that pretty butterfly too!
    Thanks 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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