I pursued you because I didn’t know you

And I wanted just a taste

But every sip was sweeter than the last

Your heart seemed so love-laced

And twisting words of sweetness

Over your loverly head

Caused my draught to ever-deepen

As I laid there, outspread

I dared you to take every piece of me

To see if you could carry my weight

And when you found you couldn’t breathe

You claimed unfamiliarity and made your escape

The pieces of me I’ve scattered

All across the floor

I fear that none of them matter

And I’m left with no more

So I’ll gather what I can

With dustpan and broom

And never again

Will I have cause to assume

That anyone knew me

Especially not you

For no more will I be chased

And no more will I pursue


And worse yet, I cannot blame you

You were guarding your own heart

But please don’t look at me any time soon

Or ask me who I am – I don’t know where to start

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  1. What a nicely written poem December Rose. The feeling of heartache and lack of will to continue was palpable in your words alone, especially in the first stanza.

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    1. Haha you’re sweet. I have good days and bad days. I’m in a transition period in my life so I’m not sure I can give a solid answer to that because starting a new chapter of life is never easy, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. I’m just adjusting 🙂

      I wrote this particular poem because I wanted to pursue a lady who is not ready to be pursued, but I don’t plan on giving up quite yet.


      1. I don’t want a solid answer. 🙂 Transition has pains. Strong ones go thro it.. so will you. That’s perfectly fine. I am going to many transitions at one time. It’s tough i agree, but worth! 😊

        And these love stuffs are kinda over my head. I am still a kid.. just good luck. Hehe.. hope you get the sweet lady ✨

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      2. Well you are very wise for being so young. And incredibly comforting. It’s strange to have such a strong friend who is so young and so far away but still be so comforted. Thank you 🙂

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