The Echoes of Birds

I was just trying to quiet my head, and then God started asking me rhetorical questions. God spoke, and I was lucky I heard Him in the slightest. I was very nearly in the way:


Do birds understand what an echo is? Do I know nothing of the Gospel?


Compounded echoes form a dull roar. It’s no wonder it’s so difficult to be in silence. Sometimes I think I have something important to say that’s worth hearing. Other times, I worry that I just like to hear myself talk. I don’t want to be another echo. I don’t want to just be part of the dull roar.


It can be difficult to ascertain Love in the rumble. Difficult to point out God in the mix. Amid screaming children and breaking bones, so-called love songs and whispers of lustful sweet nothings, promotions at work and triumphs in one’s personal life, we want our stories to somehow be punctuated, to stand out so that we aren’t simply vapid, ambiguous white noise. The problem is that we are, by our nature, white noise. We add to the pointless disorganized muddle.


You will not hear the Gospel in the TV static. It is more than just a frequency. It is the undertones and overtones in the discombobulated symphony. It is the explanation for it, the sensibility in it, and the solution of it. It is heard in the frequencies that show a need for Christ, and in the chimes of His will. It must be inherent and exemplified, all the while being spoken. It may come through words from one Believer’s lips to another’s ears, but it will be utterly lost in the cacophony if we do not also let it set the tone for all we do.


The Gospel doesn’t harmonize with any of the keys of humanity. The Gospel is the reason the world appears in disarray, but the Gospel’s undertones and overtones are not to blame. The dissonance is caused when we stray from the key set by the Gospel. We thought we could make better music, so we tried, and we failed.


Some frequencies will overpower the messages we try to spread while others will add to, harmonize with, and amplify them. When a frequency complements the natural movements of an object, it is called a resonant frequency.


The heart has an innate dire need for the Gospel. The Gospel is the heart’s resonant frequency. It moves us in a natural state of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control, and causes anxiety and dissonance with anything that does not harmonize with the Gospel frequency. In short, sin.


The only time we create a beautiful sustained frequency is when we speak the Gospel with the harmony Love.


If the birds can create beautiful, harmonious echoes, then we can amplify the under- and overtones of the Gospel that will more fully resonate the vibrations of Love and create one complete, perfect Sound. Only then will we hear it echoed back to us from the world around us.


Mayhaps the most defeating part of all of this is that, while these words might harmonize with the Gospel, even they are simply adding to the white noise. I would be remiss and ashamed, therefore, if I did not share it.


We screw up every day. We do things that aren’t right by rules, laws, and even our own hearts. God sees that and yet desires to have a true, Loving relationship with us. He cannot coexist with our sins, however. The consequence of sin is that there must be payment. There must be death. He wants to be with us so badly that He sent His Son, His only Son, to die in our place. His Son is Jesus. Jesus pushes us aside and says, “that was my fault.” When Jesus died, His own Father couldn’t even look at Him. He died completely alone. He didn’t stay dead, though. He woke up three days later as a declaration of His victory over the sins that we ought to have paid for. That YOU ought to have paid for. Because He did that, you can now live free of guilt or charge. You can live knowing that, if you truly believe this in your heart, you will know a Love like none other you will ever experience in your lifetime. You will feel more free than any government or establishment may say you are. You will be royalty in Heaven.


This is not fiction. This is not a fairytale. This is the greatest symphony ever written.

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