I’m Asking For Your Help

I’ve been trying to write a poem or short story every weekday for the last few weeks, and all in all, it’s been pretty successful. I’ve missed a couple days here and there, but I’ve forgiven myself for that.

However, I recognize that while overthinking is usually my go-to move to the point that I usually never get anything done, I also don’t want to underthink this. I want to write beautiful, meaningful poetry, and I want it to always be getting better. Progress can be made simply by doing the thing consistently, but greater progress is in intentional pursuit.

What are things you do to get better at writing? Does anyone have suggestions for things that can be done to become a better poet?

7 thoughts on “I’m Asking For Your Help

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  1. My best advice to you is to let yourself feel more. Most of my poems come from my heart. If I become too technical about it I usually don’t deliver.
    I hope this helps 🙂
    Happy writing

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      1. I have literally been thinking about your comment since I sent my “thank you” reply and 1: I feel like a simple “thank you” was somewhat dismissive on my part, and 2: I find it difficult to “allow myself to feel.” There are a lot of reasons for it, and it feels awkward to admit, but I think that’s why I don’t write the way I used to.


      2. Hmm I totally understand. Letting yourself become vulnerable is something not everyone is comfortable doing.
        Perhaps be inspired? By reading other poems? Or listening to spoken word. It helps a lot.

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