Too Tired to Care

The sun’s rays peek through the cracks around the curtains
As I stretch, and I yawn, and I blink away the sleep
Let the dogs out to do their business, breakfast… the same old things
Then, steaming mug in hand and jazz in the background, I write

Or, at least, I try
But I washed my hands before I cooked
I walked into my work-from-home office
I checked the news for the latest bloodshed
I haven’t seen friends in weeks, and now I wish I’d have at least called

So I spend the next half hour clearing my mind
Mindful meditation or whatever the latest title is
I eat my keto breakfast and try to think of nothing at all
Try to slow my pulse, quiet my breathing

Exhausted by the number of thoughts
Exhausted by a heart, heavy-laden
Some days I don’t bother putting my fingers to the keys
Afraid it’s not enough, and too tired to care

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