Shambles and Rubbish

I took a step into the angel ray
That streaked across the room
No dust to reflect its decisive way
Yet shambles lay on the floor, strewn

As it touched me, it warmed my grimaced face
Brought a smirk to my lips
My foot slipped as I tried to stand in place
Tossed me to reality’s grip

I searched every scattered piece of paper
For an answer to I don’t know what
My fingerprints on every book cover
Yet I don’t remember reading a single one

And so the words mount, leading me wayward
In a room where the doors are all shut
Shambles and rubbish – thoughts to discover
Distant memories that have somehow come undone

I lay and I weep, I cannot discern
What I was meant to find
All of this stuff is of utmost concern
And quickly I run out of time

I lay and I weep, I cannot discern
What I was meant to find
None of this is meant to be my concern
The angel ray rests on me, divine

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Photo by eleonora on Unsplash

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