The Breeze that Approaches

The breeze that approaches
Is the same as the gale that departs
To not breathe her in would be such a shame
A waste of the Earth’s rotation

Learn where she came from
As she fills your lungs
Learn her strength
And her silent passing

She winds through crevices
She smooths the faces of the rock
She causes leaves to ruffle delicately
She stands still until you appreciate her again

She surges the storm
She batters whole countrysides
She dashes the waves against cliff faces
She settles to survey her justified, wanton wrath

She holds aloft a bird
Ever on the wing
To ease his exhausting migration
And sets him gently where he wishes

She strokes your cheek lovingly
She lifts the hair of your Lover off their shoulders
She carries the sweet nothings you exchange
And delivers them to a young poet, sitting alone

On the beach, on a driftwood log, he sits
Scribbling ravenously to capture every word the wind has delivered
Then he stares out at the sea as she caresses the rosy sun
And they both grieve that they must each go their own way

And immediately
The excitement of another chance meeting
Hastens their departure
And a new breeze approaches

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Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

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