A Day, and then Another

A day
And then another
And they all rush past
And they all have their place
And every second counts them down
And their place seems to be anywhere but here
And an inkling brings them back – a song, scent, or sensation
And they are all someone’s best, and they are all someone’s worst
And they all meld together when the week has been a slog
And they are all so distinct, each one for each person
And it’s their culmination that composes ignorance
And it’s their culmination that composes sonder
And it was a single day that changed my life
And it was a select few days that sustain me
And we say we’d give all our riches for just
Just one more chance at just one day
And who knows if it’d make any
Any sort of difference at all
Because it’s just another
A day

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Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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