My Own Front Porch

I wake up and look around the room. Everything is in its same place as it was when I fell asleep, but somehow it feels utterly foreign to me. strangely enough, an identical phenomenon occurs as I drive to work: same road, same trees, likely same people in their same cars driving next to me. Aside from the world and all of us being another day older, there’s been an indistinguishable yet all too palpable shift. Is this what gives me faith in the improbable – that the game is still set the same, but somehow the way the pieces move has changed, even to the slightest degree? Is that why some become discouraged – they realize the game never stays the same long enough to become accustomed to the rules? Admittedly, I don’t feel ready for whatever alterations were made to the game today. I must be lagging a bit.

I take one step out the door. My foot slips slightly. I don’t recall ever slipping on my own front porch.

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Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

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