All Systems Go

Sometimes you just don’t know

Sometimes you don’t wanna know

Sometimes it’s your heart

Sometimes you don’t know where to start

Take in the scene

Take in the gentle breeze

Don’t worry if it’s more

Life doesn’t stop for storms


All systems go

In a race for the stars

Towards a new home

A new ever after

All systems go

To your Infinite

Leaving cinders in your wake

Does it look like your dreams


You’ve come so far

You think you know where you are

Was collateral worth it?

Was this your vision of perfect?

Your feet never touched the ground

Did you have to fly to figure it out?

Did you answer all your questions?

With a broken bottle, where’s the message?


You have the stars to light the path

You’ll always have the photograph

The atmosphere is a fine line

Between discovery and finding yourself

The satellite that’s just out of reach

You watched when you stood on the beach

Transmissions are coming in clean…


Mayday, mayday

I seem to be floating off

Mayday, mayday

I still have the photograph

Mayday, mayday

I’ve lost sight, now I’m losing my mind

Mayday, mayday

No, I think I’ll be just fine

Mayday, mayday

Mayday, mayday



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