The Ambrosial Spark, pt. II

If you are stout of heart and have gazed upon the Ambrosial Spark, you know the feeling all too well… The warmth that is emitted from your very epicenter. You think in the ways you had not formerly comprehended because you no longer think solely with your mind. For the spark does not lay dormant within your Being, but rather permeates in satellite strands, etching and imprinting emblazoned substance. It is not volatile once embraced, but as feeble hearts can attest, those unprepared or unequipped find it cataclysmically rhapsodical.

It has been told that Medusa turns people to stone with one glance, but this daughter of Ceto and Phorcys had a step-sister of whom she was unaware. Phorcys found a lover in Aion, who was all but comprehensible to him, and who found ways to bend the primordial fibres so that they might find Love outside of Ceto’s gaze. This is how it is told that Marin was kept from Ceto and Medusa, and an explanation of why the Ambrosial Spark in Marin’s eye is likened to a sunrise or sunset, though mayhaps more akin to the sunsets in which the Green Flash is present. The wise Jules Verne is testament most to this because he once witnessed the Green Flash, and thenceforth was impervious to deception of the heart. Just before his death in 1905, Verne also had the fortune of locking eyes with Marin, and the two forces inside made him evermore adept to matters of the heart and mind. His heart was fortified by the Flash, but the Spark interconnected the heart with the mind, and thus his understanding of human matters became infinite.

No other human in history has had the blessing and honor to witness both before or since, but the tales of Man are far from over, and to the best of our knowledge, Marin continues to live on.

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