Dreams Like These

One night I looked to the Heavens to find

Anything that would suggest I exist

So I reached to the stars, and each one kissed

My fingertips and corners of my mind


From the Milky Way, I poured a tall glass

Of shimmering dreams to lighten my heart

It tingled my tongue and was rather tart

Like sun-kissed orange juice and sparkling dew grass


But lighten it did as I fell asleep

My pillow was soft as I grew weightless

I woke with a chill, and slowly digressed

Looking down, I couldn’t reach my sheets


On the dark ceiling, I bonked my poor head

As my feet rose carelessly through the roof

I realized I had to let go of “truth”

If I would forget what the voices said


You know what I mean – all those leaden thoughts

They all place themselves directly atop

Everyone’s poor heads, so with a loud pop

I dropped them on the floor next to my socks


Then upwards I rose to meet the twilight

I danced with wishes made on shooting stars

Far down below I saw headlights of cars

On their way home, I hoped they’d soon join the flight


Over the city, I perused and winked

At streetlamps and creatures I recognized

I held doors for ladybirds and fireflies

We walked into clouds, fog making us blink


They say cloud nine is where you stay in dreams

But in shrouded air, collisions ensue

Thunder starts rolling and harsh winds, they blew

And lightning bugs aren’t patient as they seem


The firefly hot with frustration, burned

And scalded a lightning bug in the rear

The lightning bug struck back, antenna seared

Not before or since has such a skirmish been spurned


They fought with a clash

The cloud lit with a flash

And with a mighty crash

My face struck with a smash


I lifted my head, bracing it with my fist

I brushed the old sock away from my face

I smirked in good humor and stated my case

With dreams like these, how could I not exist?



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