Here, Now

If you ever sit there wondering what your purpose or place is in this universe, I’d say you’ve already forgotten the fact that you’re sitting.

Do you think shooting stars streak across the sky wondering if someone made a wish on them? Do you think a bird starts singing hoping they’ll bring a smile to someone’s face? Does the ocean ebb and flow hoping its waves will soothe you and make your soul relax?

Sometimes your purpose in life is to be. Someone might see something beautiful in you and decide they’d like to find that same beauty in themselves. Some might hear your voice or laugh, and it’ll bring them entertainment or a giggle from the contagion. Some might see you downtrodden and think to themselves, “I want to prevent having to see someone that sad again. I want to be an answer to sadness.”

It’s true, all of these examples should be followed up with immediate action. Imagine if we lived in a world where we could be honest enough with one another to go up to someone beautiful, and without ulterior motives, be able to tell them they’re beautiful. Or go to someone forlorn and simply say, “I don’t know what you’re going through, but know that I value seeing you today.”

Sadly, that’s not the world we live in. If you’ve read this far into my post, I challenge you to do this once today. Just once, speak your mind in hopes that it’ll brighten someone’s day a bit. Don’t worry what they’ll think about you. If it’s a stranger, you’ll likely not see them again (since they’ll be avoiding the person who randomly commented on their pretty blue eyes), or they’ll be happy to see you again because you made their day. You have nothing to lose.

And on the flip side of the coin, don’t be afraid of looking sad or disheveled or happy or whatever. Not every day is the end of the world, and not every day is a basket of roses. There are blah days, and you’re entitled to them because you are alive. The greatest blessing you will be somedays is simply being. Maybe your purpose today is to make it through to tomorrow.

The fact that you’re here, now means that your place in the world is here, now. Your purpose – your identity – is here, now.

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  1. “If you ever sit there wondering what your purpose or place is in this universe, I’d say you’ve already forgotten the fact that you’re sitting.” Haha! This is a fantastic opener to the right way to think. Our purpose is to be, and further purpose is to simply add personal meaning. I appreciate your entry here, this is the unsullied truth of existance. Keep it up, I’d love to read more!

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