Chasing the Rain – Revisited

It is interesting to me how, when I wrote this nearly two years ago, I seemed more shortsighted regarding the journey I’d take in life simply because I didn’t go into greater depth describing a “next step.” Rather, I seemed to think that living in a tension of discomfort would be enough, and would lend itself to adventurous living. Now, mayhaps out of maturity, mayhaps out of living in the comfort I swore to disown, I see that simply sleeping beneath a tree with a pocketful of keys during a thunderstorm is not “adventurous,” it is simply silly. What is adventurous, however, is going on an expedition to places I have never been and returning, having inevitably made mistakes along the way. 

For every uncharted territory adventured to, however, there is always a plan made. Preparations for the unexpected, and contingency for when something unforeseen occurs. I understand this now, far better than I ever thought I would.

Chasing the Rain – Revisited


Here I go again, chasing the rain

despite everything I always say –

I’m not sorry, living today –

soaked to the bone with each foray


Static surrounds sewing seams

of palpable tension, guarding the quay

striking down every half-hearted dream

only men worth their salt taking to the sea


Haul in the anchor

allow filled sails to heave

set a heading for the most distant shore

with the darkest storms in-between


On the day I live alone and in peace

My wife and my children, my comp’ny to keep

I’ll stare off into the stars and I’ll dream

Of adventures to be had when my soul takes its leave


And if I could go back

starting from day one

I’d make every wrong turn

Just to see how I make it out alive

And as the clouds turn black

streaked with silver lines

weathered, worn, and burned

More alive because I chose not to simply die


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