Someone Dies Every Day

…and that someone is your age. Someday, that someone will be you.


So have you sought the truth?

Have you Loved you?

And what if it comes to an end too soon?

And what if the sun won’t rise anew?

And what if your vision is askew?

What if there’s nothing more to accrue?

What if you learned to walk but you never flew?

What if the what if’s stick like glue

To the bottom of your shoe

Do you know what you will do

When the road rises to meet you?

Look out into the great Blue

Know you have nothing to prove

But if you choose to

Let Love be the “why” for all you do

We don’t all live – we, the breathing few

Don’t rest in the guilt of things you can’t undo

Then don’t be afraid to start over new

Give your heart to someone who

Wants the best for you

And you want the best for them, too

Together, you’ll do the best you can do

You’ll mess up, don’t be afraid to

Tears will soak the ground as sure as morning dew

Forgive and forget, you know you want to

Forgive and forget, life ends too soon

So raise a glass to all those who

Were brave enough to leave us too soon


Someone dies every day

And everyone dies someday

Today it was you

And I’ll join you soon

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