THANK YOU! (202 Followers!!)

So, I was slightly scolded and very honored when I wrote my post about acquiring 100 followers (though after 99, I had 2 people follow my post at the same time, so it ended up really being 101 followers). I was honored because heck, that’s 101 people in the world that like my writing enough to want to see it on their “news feed” area, and I was scolded because I said I never thought I’d get 100 followers, which didn’t go over well with the critics. Boy, did that 101st follower show me… To follow suit as I am, in the words of the infamous Captain Hook, a man of good form, I decided to announce my 202 follower mark. We will see if I can continue to do this for 303, 404, 1515, etc followers, should I reach those milestones, though that seems daunting to me since I was slow to update this when I did finally reach #202. It is time-consuming albeit enlightening, and I want to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand because I genuinely want you all to visit each others’ sites. To see the first 101, please check out my post Thank You! (I’ve Reached 100 Followers!).

My hope is that you’d peruse the list of 101, as well as the following list leading up to 202, and meet some new blogs, like each other’s posts, follow one another, and make more community with the folks around you, because the thing we share in common is we all have something very important to say, and we’re all bold enough to say it. Seriously, this post is to thank all of YOU for being here for me, and inviting you to also be here for one another.

I should also mention that my blog shows 202 followers on my end, but after writing the list, somehow I have more than that, so either someone unfollowed me in the last day or two, or I have accidentally included some links/blogs that no longer exist. In either case, there are multiple inputs for follower #202. If you do not follow my blog but I have linked you here, please let me know. If I have included a link to your blog that is out-dated, I would like to make sure I direct other readers to your true content, so please let me know so I may look for another bit of content to connect them to.

Again, being of good form, I will continue the list with the next 101 followers below, but first:

A sincere message of gratitude is owed to all of you who have taken the time to read my scribbles, rambles, word vomits, and occasional genuine moments of relative genius. I truly did not think I’d reach this point when I started a blog… I was expecting more of a dull roar of occasional passers-by and onlookers as I rambled and spouted off about whatever came to my mind. I’m sure that by the time this is posted, my site will have been renovated, mayhaps several times, so here’s a snapshot of the home page the day I reached 101:

202 Followers Pic 1

You all have shown me sincere friendship and worldwide community, and I could not be more thankful for every single one of you. At some point, you have likely made my day, encouraged me to better myself, made me more adventurous, or given me a moment of deep thought that was undoubtedly difficult to snap out of. Please know I don’t say (or type) these words lightly or haphazardly. You should feel a grand sense of pride knowing that, no matter what corner of the world or your mind you may reside in, no matter what your mood or general outlook on life is, you have touched this man-child’s heart. You have grounded me and allowed me to take flight. For you, I am greatly appreciative, and that is why I’d like you to check out some of the blogs on the following list and start a little chatter. Let’s see if we can brighten up our little corner of the interwebs with some positivity and encouragement.

I do want to add that I realize some people likely follow blogs when posts are written thanking hundreds or thousands of people and mentioning all of them. Some people do this simply to get their blog “seen.” After reading some of the content on some of these blogs, I need to write the disclaimer that I do not endorse some of what is being written in general public space. My intent is to foster encouragement, positivity, and community among writers, so if you find a blog you don’t like, or if you no longer like my blog because of these very words, don’t follow them/me. The December Rose site is my space to be real, and I appreciate that you all afford me the opportunity to do that, but I want to uphold my purpose and mission, and you should not feel obligated to “follow” or “like” anything you don’t want to. I am hoping and assuming you followed this site because something I wrote or a picture I posted impacted you on a heart or soul level, and I intend to continue publishing that type of content because, quite simply, I am being myself and posting a little bit of myself for you to see. So again, I truly appreciate all of you for joining in on my adventures and I look forward to making more memories with you as time goes on, and I’d like to honor you for encouraging and loving on me in the way you do.

So now, without further ado, the next 101 followers of my “December Rose” blog:

102. The Militant Negro
103. EDC Writing – Believing Sight Unseen: Says
104. A Random Guy Wrote Words Down: Haunted
105. The Veiled Facet: Permanent
106. By Hook Or By Book: John McCain’s Farewell Letter – “I lived and died a proud American.”
107. stoneronarollercoaster: Another day..
108. It’s All Pretty Funny: On Robin
109. Nicholas Catron: Poetry
110. Chewing On Glass
111. DJ’s Reflections in a Crazed Mirror: Refugees Of Eden
112. Can we art: She Plays with Fire
113. gaillovesgod: God Made You To Be You!
114. jardine’s book of martyrs: The Discovery of Bog Bodies and the Killing of Mary McClymont in 1684 #History #Scotland
115. simple Ula: Our Date Around Nature
116. The Pondering Kitten: Weddings
117. The Heathen Poet: Household things
118. Carlsbad – Shoutout to one of the few friends who I have actually shared my blog with 
119. Lavanya’s Blog: Emotions & Expressions
120. and the words that echo: You
121. LEO – Love Emotion Own: Across the doorstep
122. Nathan Bonilla: Raindrops
123. EM
124. The Write Direction: Abuse
125. Nectar of Life Coffee
126. Seema Mehra: Rocca|Hyatt Regency Lucknow
127. sarishboo: Chapter 2: From the West End and Further North!
128. The Holly Tree Tales: Raise The Vibe
129. Feelings Do Motivate Too: My Pillow Knows It All
130. LFBooks: The Colonist by Jeremy Kester
131. Tinte: Enigma Part 2
132. Hidden Inside: Senior Citizen Suicide
133. Grabba: Little secret
134. The Rulebook: The Importance of Being Ernest – literary analysis of extract
135. Soulfuldesire: Tear drops of hope
136. Patrick Stories: Let It Go
137. Oh, border!: Coddiwomple
138. Say No To Clowns: Astigmatism
139. Care, Bliss, and The Universe: What I learned from downloading my entire facebook data by Luke Miller
140. Harotian Essentials: Progress, Not Perfection
141. red letters: Reckless Love – Live Worship
142. Pointed Home: Haiku #23
143. Anthony Agnel: Organic vs. Paid: Which Traffic Source Is Better For Bloggers
144. Insomniac Marketing Empire: NordVPN Review
145. @therverguys – Site Not Working
146. Ekta Singh: Canvas
147. Success Inspirers’ World: SIWO Global News 31st August 2018 #137
148. @kraftingthoughts – Site Not Working
149. Danielle Dayney: Ready to Go
150. sonofabeach96: A Photo A Week: The Devil Is In The Details
151. Childish thinker: My fear of writing
152. Naming My Voice: Autumn, Be Nice to Me
153. Free Thinker: Who am i?
154. ChirasreeWrites: You Are Not Likable
155. The aspiring, we: Lying on bed!
156. Unwritten Cosmos: On the Edge of the Universe
157. Searching the Meaning of Life: «όπου στρέφεται η προσοχή, ρέει ενέργεια»~Τζέιμς Ρέντφιλντ
158. IdeasBecomeWords: A love poem – Antonio
159. Charlies Blog: Online
160. Child of God: From The Darkness Into The Light
161. the Earth and Elizabeth: Baffle Me, Butterfly
162. Mistakes & Adventures: Do you choose Pain?
163. minzkhaitan: Horse My Friend
164. Marcy’s House: No Assurance With Insurance
165. A Creative PTSD Gal: Deprecation and Humor
166. MovieBabble: The Secret Lives of Actors and Actresses
167. Wednesday’s Child: The Collector
168. Robbo Worldtraveller: Santorini
169. Sharonchy: 5 Tips to Help Ease Frustration With Your Blog’s Progress
170. Inicio: Macaz
171. The Foreign Passport: 6 Reasons You Should Go Backpacking in Thailand
172. newauthoronline: Claire and Lou
173. Help Me Believe: Ep 6 Sy Garte: A Scientist’s Journey from Atheism to Faith
174. Caliath: Ethan’s Petal Dance
175. Jewels: Paper Words
176. Jeanne Marie: Women Who Think Too Much
177. NewInternetCash
178. The Go To Girls Blog: Waiting…………
179. Latest News
180. Sunshiny SA Site: Maya Angelou
181. Theatreandart
182. scientificlove: Grand Unification Theorem
183. Pixel Edit: Tree under a Bulb
184. Kelly C’s Collections
185. Photosociology: Creative Writing
186. goofproofplan
187. Sparkonit
188. Claudia Gonzalez: Monday
189. The Art of Blogging: How to Be a Boss at Blogging When You Have 0 Followers
190. KaylaAnn: The Agency Games – Sign Up!
191. Just Brian: Battered Bones
192. Avial: Last Breath
193. Belly Up: Ticking Crocodiles
194. hellcatshermitage
195. T. Shaw: Yesterday, I saw Time
196. Miss M.: Dead Leaves
197. Make Me Brave: Thread
198. Voice: The story of Ali and Ram.
199. Fashonista
200. Dark Blue
201. Filter Coffee Machine
202. MMCBS Highlights
202. Rave Review
202. Poetry and Prose: Our Whiskey Times
202. Rusted Honey: Ambiguities. (a collection of vignettes)

I do not post how many views or likes I get because I am the only one who gets praise in those circumstances. But when I get followers, it’s my chance to thank you for all you’ve done for me and how you’ve been there with me.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. Much Love and Joy to all of you.

Most Whimsical Wishes, Highest Esteem, and Best Regards,

❤ December

24 thoughts on “THANK YOU! (202 Followers!!)

Add yours

  1. I just went through your post/link/comment and the word you used are wow. And I must say, it really cool, it that gives the followers a chance to think that they are special.

    Please keep the motivational word coming.

    Thank you so much for adding an inspired words to me this morning.

    I was happy you listed me as number 136. You took your time to do such THANK YOU.

    Keep it up. We gonna meet again. Mine followers are 2200+.I find it had to keep track of them. But each time I upload they comment.

    I will come up with a thank you at the end of this year to all my followers.

    Once again THANK YOU December rose

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone. Thanks. Again
        As always your posts are incredible and I enjoying reading every word down till the last line. I must say that you are probably one of the excellent bloggers on WordPress that write inspired

        Also, I just posted:

        Would love to know your views. Love to see your contributions on it. I’m always excited for your comment. 🙂

        You are welcome

        Peace ✌and Love ❤


  2. PTL! Congrats on your 202, Rose! God deserves ALL His glory! Even if He designs it to come through you! 🙂
    Write however the Lord leads you, even in celebrating the growth He brings you!
    God bless you for such kind words! Your encouragement to me and many other are a testimony of the Lord!
    Praying for the Lord continues to bless you and your blog! God loves you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations, December Rose! Your writing is spectacular in that you can make the most mundane things seem so beautiful. Don’t put yourself down too much. 🙂 Thank you for thinking about my blog, even though I’m not the most active blogger on here. 🙂


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