And if I told you that, one day, we would all be swept up and eroded until a glassy finish appeared where we once stood… What would you say then? Mayhaps the reason we fade and pass away is because that is the most perfect version of ourselves. No – not gone. Not disappeared, not absent. I intend to say that, after all is said and done and the work has been done on us, the purest version of us is our soul. Beyond our tangible effects, our breath and our heartbeat do the world far more good than our footprint, stamping a seal of, “I was here.” Rather the songs we make – the songs we are – the good vibrations… Those are what truly matter. Those restore the earth. The love we are must be lived out, and then stripped down until we, simply put, become love. What if death were not merely release from the torment of life and imprisonment of the body? What if death was not a means of getting rid of a person and making room for more? What if, and hear me out on this, death is the world’s way of getting the very best of us? That we are reduced to the energy we bring and the aura we emanate.

We do our best to live our very best life, but mayhaps our best life is the afterlife, and mayhaps that was the mystery grasped by the world long ago.

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