I Will Do This Someday

What a hopeless phrase. What a terribly, terribly hopeless phrase. Because the problem with Someday is that it does not exist. By the very definition, it is a day that is not here and may or may not come, but how could someday ever possibly come when it is only ever today? Tomorrow exists, too, but there is always a tomorrow among a sea of tomorrows that get twisted and turned and they lap against one another like waves on seashores and they ebb and flow and the tomorrow you were initially hoping to reach may be much farther than you first thought it was, or it may be a collage of portions of tomorrows that are overlapping and burying one another. By the time you reach one of the tomorrows, you will see that part of the tomorrow you thought you were looking at was actually just the crest of the wave of a tomorrow that is farther in the distance than you first perceived.


But there is only ever one single today. Todays do not overlap. Today is the sheet of paper you decided to write that book on, or at least that short story, or at least that sentence that you always wanted to write. While tomorrow is a flurry of papers in a room where you can experience indoor skydiving, today is the piece of paper you grabbed at. It may be creased and crumpled and wet and stained by coffee and whiskey and whatever else was on the table when your life was turned upside down. But it is still that paper, that one single piece of paper. It is today.


So why would you ever waste your time putting off to tomorrow what you could do today, and why on earth would you ever expect “someday” to exist in the first place?

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