Dance For Today

I balter through life

Finding things along the way

Things in me and in you

Things that make the world not-so-gray

These technicolor gesticulations

These things that make palm trees sway

I see them inside you, too

All you must do is pretend, and play

Pretend it doesn’t bother you

Pretend just for today

Tomorrow, go back and feel it again

When your heart and limbs are more braced

You’re allowed to be a fairy

You’re allowed to paint your face

You’re allowed to take your whimsy by the hand

And dance without a bit of grace


So dance

Dance just for you

Dance just for today


Photo by Theme Inn on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Dance For Today

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      1. Don’t worry i was just lil low haha 😄 it’ was a nice poem.. tell you to live the today … You it’s sometimes hard to have people who love the real us, and if we have any… it’s a treasure! ❤️

        How are you? It’s been tragedy going around the plant… I hope you are safe?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Weird on workplace? Don’t you work from home now?

    Yes , safe at homes no going out…juat lockdowns and curfews..

    Thank you for asking 😄


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