Home On a Countryside Hill

We found a home on a countryside hill

Where countryside people cool their pies on the sill

They invite you over to eat your fill

Grand drinks and merry-making until the night air stands still

The stars winked at us as we made our way home

Singing new songs learned from people we now know

As we lay to rest, we hum and we drone

With melancholic pangs at the impending road

The next morning, we waved and we sighed

Blew kisses to neighbors we were leaving behind

In the rear-view mirror, we watched the hill glide

More hills gathered between us and our home countryside

We sat in silence an hour or two

The road filled our ears and our longing grew

But we grew tired of the heavy gloom

So my da’ and I started whistling the tune

We promised ourselves we’d return down that road

This journey is but one part of a tome

And while we loved our countryside home

We miss mother dearly, and the dinner on her stove

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