The Greatest By Far

These days are the new stainless steel

The new water wheel

The new jet plane

The new candy cane

The new motor car

The newΒ Shining Star

The new sliced bread

The new water bed

And for all the new things this new world could be

The greatest by far is you and me


Photo by Jonathan Wheeler on Unsplash

26 thoughts on “The Greatest By Far

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      1. I… actually don’t have a personal mail account haha :’) (Ms. Privacy freak has entered the chat) But if it’s okay for you, we can surely discuss about a collab in the comment section?

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      2. That’s totally fine! We absolutely can. I’d like to see your interpretation of Jonathan, Rachel, and Little Miss Hobbs (if you go to the stories section, you’ll find subsections titled after them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments under those stories.) I also have a gryphon cub named Alastair I’d like to be illustrated, if you have time.

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      3. Ohh, that sounds amazing. Actually, I am have online school rn, so life’s a bit busy, but it’d be really useful if you give me little description about how they look like or their picrews? Also, Im so sorry, I’m really bad in drawing animals 😦

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      4. Sure thing… I’ll see what I can come up with. I also have a full time job, so I understand not having a ton of time. And that’s totally fine, I don’t want to make you draw anything, either. I’m just very impressed by your illustrations. Actually, since I don’t have character descriptions yet (I know what they look like because they’re all based on my friends), maybe you could start by helping draw my band?? If you go to there are several photos of each of us (four members in the band) and it would be AMAZING if you wouldn’t mind drawing each of us as characters.

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