To Others, We Sing

Listen to the bird as she sings her psalms
And consider that this is her giving alms
She only does as she knows to do
With no attempts at pleasing you

Oh, to live a life such as this
Where our actions are mellifluous
No attempts at a beautiful thing
Only honest to self, yet to others, we sing

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Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “To Others, We Sing

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      1. No less crazy here to be honest. They stopped mandatory use of masks 2 days back which was the biggest recent surprise lol.

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      2. Very true. How is situation there? Any effects of war or pandemic? All going fine?


      3. The mask restrictions are being lifted though some businesses are still keeping them in place out of personal preference. Only effect from war is the ridiculous gas prices. Honestly wish there was more I or we could do to help. It’s heartbreaking to see the destruction and unnecessary loss of life happening. Are you guys seeing effects from the war?


      4. Yes, the same, increase in oil prices. The news says our PM went to talk to Russian PM about peace but that’s it. It really feels helpless.


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