Place to Reminisce

I’ve been coming to the realization that I don’t talk much about my past, except for the stories I told in Made To Be Me and She Loves Me. Even more honestly, I haven’t told one of those stories in about a year, and the other one I’m not sure I’ve ever shared with any of my current friends. So, you readers know that much more about my past than most in my life.

Today, I feel like reminiscing, but I’m going back and forth as to whether I should share with you. I keep typing words and instantly deleting them. I even looked to my Google Photos archives to see what story I might have hidden in there, but my oldest photos are from January 2015. Real long time ago, right? To me, it feels like ages… I sometimes wonder how many memories I’m losing because I don’t retell the stories. Because I look back at two years ago and my eyes glaze over as if I’m remembering the time Buddy the duckling followed me home from the park (TRUE STORY!).

It makes me sad to think that I have never been any place with the same people long enough to kick back and think about “the days before the good ‘ol days.” Like the good ‘ol ‘ol days. But I have all of you, and that means the world that you know me, read my various writings with nonchalance, but still take pieces of me in, occasionally hitting the “follow” and “like” buttons because we had a moment together.

So, I’m going to share the two oldest photos from my archives (well, almost. The oldest photos I have are of my sister, me on my birthday in 2015, and my friends, Austin and Carly, but I don’t want to show faces).

Place to Reminisce

A cup of whiskey chai from Rendezvous in Flagstaff, AZ. This is now my all-time favorite beverage for any occasion or hour of the day, and one of my favorite places to hang out at in Flag. Because you just can’t go wrong mixing coffee and alcohol, am I right?!?

Place to Reminisce II

The view I had every day walking to class in Spring Semester 2015. The lovely Mt. Humphreys, snow-capped 8 months out of the year, and the epitome of symbolism when university students consider how they are trying to work their way to the top. This was our reminder that there is always one more mountain to climb, one more achievement or accolade to acquire for ever after graduation.

Coincidentally, I used to reminisce over a cup of whiskey chai (or any coffee, really) while adoring Mt. Humphreys as I considered what twisted set of circumstances brought me to Flagstaff, Arizona. THAT one is a doozy. Maybe I’ll share that with you sometime. Might even tell you about Buddy the duckling.ref = href=”

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