Sidereal Kiss, Pt.II

The way the aurora pulsed along your back Fitting in-between your shoulder blades Massaging your neck How, for a moment, your toes curled and you gasped Bitter cold tide caressing your sides These symptoms, my beck I became time making senses dull and wrack Fluid comets nipping your jawline Stars come to collect It all starts spinning, this stellar... Continue Reading →

Sidereal Kiss

I wish you would sigh When you look to the sky Think of you and I How the stars blushed that night We've got nothing left to hide Over Love, we preside If a kiss makes a star shine We made a galaxy that night Planet

Patience Like Autumn

Waiting for inspiration to strike With lightning as the Archetype And this... This is my flaw   Yes, this is the primeval turnpike I hasten to chase east winds, and ripe The pith... Such is the dawn   This childish heart... seasons are the dike Patience like a typhoon and stipe And I... Not yet a shaw... Continue Reading →

Satirical Dances

For all of his branches The way they hold fast in a breeze For all his expanses Roots anchor to bedrock, he cleaves For nature's advances Battered, poisoned, soil stained and steeped Satirical dances Mourning most at his loss of leaf


In the beginning There was a seed Creator limning Sotto Voce   There was reverie For the burgeon But the avarice Struck the virgin   Scorned by the scapegrace So she went mute Melody discarnate Dissonance scute   Crescendo the lie Crescendo rue But a greater song: True Love construed   Singing "all for One"... Continue Reading →

Buddy the Duckling

It was an absolutely spectacular day to be six years old. The sun was shining, a few fluffy clouds spotted the bright blue sky to give it a bit of texture, and there was a breeze that was just cool enough to raise the goosebumps on my arms. It was the kind of day that required a... Continue Reading →

Place to Reminisce

I've been coming to the realization that I don't talk much about my past, except for the stories I told in Made To Be Me and She Loves Me. Even more honestly, I haven't told one of those stories in about a year, and the other one I'm not sure I've ever shared with any of... Continue Reading →

Still Have Love

Once upon a time I could turn an inkling into a sign An underscore from a fine line Intriguing into something sublime and it was always by design but I wouldn't say that it's all mine No, I couldn't give your eye that shine not with the way I can be so blind I can't even... Continue Reading →

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