Promise Me You’ll Go – Revisited

I have never been one to revisit or edit anything I write. I’m the kind of person that tries to produce content to push all the crap out and hope a nugget of gold will appear once in awhile (painful if you think of that phrase as a BM joke), but I realized that can be as counter-productive as editing too much, and I know there is a fine line in there somewhere.

This is the beginning of a journey I’m hoping to take regularly not only to improve my writing, but to inspire myself into potentially writing something completely brand new that is more polished and well-thought-out from the very start, and thus improve my writing overall.

This poem was initially written to be turned into a song, and as such, is simple for the sake of rhyme and meter. I tried to maintain that stylistically, to a degree, though I was fighting myself to make it more eloquent yet unwieldy for use as lyrics. I may revisit it again someday and simply make it the best poem it can be. My hope is for this interpretation to clarify some of the meaning intended.

Promise Me You’ll Go – Revisited


The clouds roll in when the wind blows

calculating the heart despite the unknowns

forgive and forget, let the daffodil grow

Just promise me you’ll go


A numbing chill in vicarious snow

sympathy pains through observation windows

Loved ones see wildfires and groan surrogate groans

Just promise me you’ll go


Butterfly effect blizzards of dreams you dream

equations and laws spring from your theory

in the willow forest stands a grand oak tree

Just promise me you’ll be


So go, go, go, go

Don’t look back, don’t count your toes

The horizon is beyond your nose

Just promise me

Just promise me you’ll go

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